Writers Resources (Blogs)

There are so many great blogs that make learning the craft of writing easier. I have compiled a list of the ones I have found most useful with the reason why, in no particular order (note they focus mostly on YA authors, as that's  the genre I write in):

  • Janice Hardy's Fiction University: seriously Janice has written an article about everything to do with writing, there is no area which she has not delved down into and explored. So head over there!
  • Jody Hedlund's "for writers" blog: I LOVE how Jody always puts things into steps or lists: 8 steps to starting your writing career, 5 ways in which to increase tension. She summarises things in an easy to understand way, and leaves out the nebulous stuff.
  • Susan Dennard: Sooz is really open with her writing process, and shows you how she goes about the whole writing process, from writing scenes to how she goes about rewriting her novels. Seriously great stuff here. 
  • Writers Helping Writers: SO many useful tools on this site, where to begin: the thirty page emotion amplifiers booklet is amazing, then you have the character pyramid tool, backstory tool, and profile questionnaire. Great stuff for you to print off and use!
  • Helping writers become authors - K M Weiland: so much information here: whether it's creating stunning character Arcs (a 15 part series so far) or explaining the common pitfalls that most new authors fall into, it is detailed and helpful.
  • First five pages workshop: this is an amazing tool where you can get the first five pages of your manuscript critiqued by published authors. They take the first five entries that they receive on the the first Saturday of each month. So cool.
  • Publishing Crawl: several published YA authors blog about anything and everything to do with writing, a great resource. 
  • YAHighway: some excellent stuff on here, my favourite is reading the query letters that landed agents and the agents weighing in on why they thought the query letters were good. They offer really useful tips for the querying process (and good insight into what certain agents want to see in their query letters to give it your personal touch).

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